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Our Farmers & Friends

Thank you to the Sun! 

Ah! Finally, the sun!
Summer is in full swing, and Verde’s busy season has us hopping all over the place... market to market to market, and back to the Café.  Boy are we busy! Gratitude keeps us going!  Thank you so much for your continued support.  We truly have the kindest customers in the world -- and I’m not just saying that! 

Patio Days in Full Swing
The patio is now open every day, of course. It’s glorious to sit out there and enjoy a handmade margarita or one of Jacob’s new tequila-y cocktails (try a Hot & Spicy... with fresh jalapenos -- yum!), soaking up the setting sun.  If you haven’t yet seen the new bar, prepare to be impressed by the stylish turn we’ve taken.  We’re getting there... thanks again to you!

Verde Cocina at the Wilsonville Farmers Market
It’s so incredible to have our second home(s) at the Farmers Markets... PSU, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Lake Oswego, OHSU... AND -- dare we say it -- we’re adding another: Wilsonville has graciously asked us to join them on Thursday evenings, and we’re working it out.  Look for us there soon! 

By the way, have you checked out your own farmers market lately?  So much going on there -- stuff you never knew about, I promise!  For example, talk to Farmer Dan at Gathering Together Farms -- he’s always bringing us fascinating varieties of greens.  Thanks to the education we get from Dan, we’re using things like Little Gems  -- diminutive heads that resemble butter lettuce, but small and tight enough to cut in wedges and grill -- the CRUNCH is just so cool!  And calites -- I don’t know if I’m spelling this right, but Chef Noé recognized this one, and says his mother used to find calites growing wild around the rancho and made him and his siblings eat it.  They didn’t like it then, but we love it now -- its flavor and texture is a cross between spinach and kale (but it’s not cruciferous).  Dan says the growing season on both of these is short -- just one more reason to love summer and get out there and talk to your farmers!  Thank you, Dan and all other farmers, for your passion, hard work and commitment. 

Counting our Blessings
Chef Noé just returned from a very brief visit to his family in Guanajuato... his sister Maricruz is getting married, and Noe’s presence was needed to “give her away” at the compromiso (a traditional event that resembles a betrothal, complete with a civil marriage ceremony), their father having passed away 10 years ago.  This trip, more than any other, made him realize how good we have things here -- yes, in the good ol’ US of A.  Positive assurances from the tourist boards aside, all those stories you hear on the news about how things have gotten a little crazy down there?  Well... let’s just say we want to encourage you to count your blessings. 

Thanks to you, we are!  Join us as we revel in the bounty of the summer: the sun, passion-derived ingredients, the sun, flavorfully overflowing dishes, the sun! and hearts and souls shining gratitude all over the place!

With even more blessings to you and yours,


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