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#1. Hillsdale
6446 SW Capitol HWY., Portland, OR
Directions to our Hillsdale Café.

#2. T
he Pearl
524 NW 14th between Glisan & Hoyt
Directions to our Pearl Café

#3. Sylvan Highlands
5515 SW Canyon Ct, Portland, OR 97221
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Hillsdale Café:  (503) 384-2327
Pearl Café: (503) 894-9321 
Sylvan Highlands Café:  
(503) 297-5568
Business: (503) 750-2722
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Our Farmers & Friends


Nothing means more.  These are the things that sustain us, that make us feel whole.  There is nothing that gives us greater pleasure than serving good food to and with our friends and family.
VERDEcocina was born from the need to make healthy food accessible and delicious.  We started out creating fresh, packaged foods for health programs, and then for OHSU and other retailers, which we still do.  
Now, our joy is bringing the best of the Northwest's bounty to you, our friends, with fresh Mexican flair, through the incredible venue of Portland Metro's amazing farmers markets and now our own café.  
Chef Noe Garnica is from Guanajuato, Mexico, where he grew up farming, making a sustainable living for his very large family (11 brothers and sisters!).  His wife Anna grew up in a small town in rural California, where agriculture was a way of life, and meandering through orange groves was a common childhood pastime. They met while working in a restaurant in the Monterey Bay area of  California.
In 2008, opportunity met something close to preparedness and we started our business on a wing and a prayer, while Anna was pregnant with our third child.
Three years later, with the help of two of Noe's brothers, Jose and Don, we're still here -- which is something to say, in the midst of one of the world's worst recessions.  We're proud of our accomplishments, and happy to be working in the most beautiful part of the world.